7 March 2008

A brother-in-Christ asked me,”Is there anything else we can do for you other than praying?” Let my fervent prayer warriors tell you what they did after I shared my chest CT scan results…

First, the drum roll ‘played’ by a very talented musician…

DDDrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr catch breath hand rest continue RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Then came the emails…


♥Praise Lord for this normal report!! So happy that everything is alright. :-)

happy happy happy!!!

♥Congratulations dear friend, I’m so happy for you!!

♥PTL for this encouraging news.  So happy for you and your good results.  Thanks for letting me know.

♥Rejoicing with you. Praise God.

♥That’s just GREAT !!!! Continue to be strong in The Lord.

♥That's fantastic! Let's praise God! I'm glad for you Apple!

♥Oh that’s such a happy, joyful, fantastic, great (and all the wonderful words that falls beyond my vocabulary at this point in time) news. Thank God.

♥HALLELUJAH!!   Praise the Lord for protecting you! My prayers r answered.

♥WONDERFUL! :) Thanks for sharing! Have been praying for you.

♥Indeed, this is the best news for this week.God is good, and He is faithful. I'm so glad you're well, and you take this special privilege to share our joy in answered prayers!

♥I am so happy to hear this good news from you. Praise the Lord! Just want to let you know that I am deeply impressed by your cheerful spirit and the faith you have in God throughout your therapy. I believe you, having gone through this trying yet graceful period, you will continue to be a living testimony for God.

♥It is the best news. I believed that you would be all right. Be happy and healthy. I will pray.

♥Dear Apple, am really happy for you!! God is really good. Pls continue to share with me your good news!

♥Praise the LORD! I'm so glad for you and your family. Will continue to pray for you. Let your prayer request(s) be known!!!

♥All GLORY & HONOUR be unto our GOD who REIGNS in all the earth!!! He is Jehovah Rapha – the GOD who heals! He is Jehovah Jireh – our Sufficiency. Thank you for sharing your joy Apple. I rejoice with you for what God has done and is continually doing in your life and your family. Praise be to God!

And also some smses…

♥I wrote a letter to God the Father for your healing 😀

♥I’m so happy for you. Almost in tears. May I call you now?

Plus a couple of friends who called, demanding to know the scan results when I forgot to sms or call them.

Last but not least, the many wonderful souls who quietly hold me so dear to their hearts.

Have you guessed what they did for me? They HUGGED me LOTZ. That dear brother-in-Christ gave me a hug too. This birthday, as I count my blessings, I thank God for the LOTZ and LOTZ of endearing hugs I’ve been given the honour to receive. Then, how high, how wide and how deep would God’s hugs be?


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