Love and Serve NOW

21 January 2008

Dear friends

Thank you for keeping my family and my mom in your prayers.

How am I doing? The pain is still there and still the same. When I tried to massage it one of the days, the next day it felt worse. So I decided not to be ‘gae kiang’ (too smart) and just leave it alone. As I consider the situation, I decided it’s wiser to bring forward the CT chest scan originally scheduled for February. The scan will be on 24 January in the morning and I will see the doctor on the afternoon of 28 January. Through a nurse who helped me with some arrangements, I knew that the doctor was also just as concerned. In fact he thought these dates were a little late but all time slots for the scans are booked and Thursday was the earliest date available. I’m thankful for a doctor who cares. Last week as I considered what the pain may mean – is it just muscle ache or has the cancer spread – I began to feel weary. I felt time coming to a standstill yet again. Should I do this or that? Should I go here or there? But I decided it’s even more tiring thinking about such things. And having the rest of the family down didn’t help matters. As I keep going to God to read His Word and to pray, He gives me peace. He reminded me that whatever is the outcome, what’s important is to love Him and serve Him NOW. Thank you for sustaining me in prayer.

How’s hubby doing? He’s still coughing. The medication from the doctors is not helping him – that’s not new; it was like this previously as well. Friends have suggested TCM or herbs etc. I appreciate your suggestions and will call you to find out more. Basically for him, I need to know how to stop his mucous as the drip into his throat is causing him to cough. Unless there’s something else both of us are unaware of. Pray for wisdom and also for quick healing.

How are things at home? The children are well and I’m doing only the minimum that’s required of me and spending lots of time with them, reminding myself I need to speak positive and encouraging words whenever I can. I’m glad they are eating better this week. I’m so thankful to the friends who have called, sms and emailed their desire to pray and help. Thank you, thank you so much. Remember I asked you to pray about a live-in helper? I’ve met my friend’s helper. She is a believer and has also expressed concern when she knew I have cancer. She is willing to work for us and we would be glad to have her. However, my friend can only release her at the end of March. Please pray for God to bring her to us at His Perfect Time.

How’s my mom doing? She is doing fine. Her wound is alright. There’s some bruising in her leg where the wound is but that will take some time to recover. My parents are coping fine at home. I believe her doctors will continue to monitor her situation and also her heart rhythms in the next few months. I have not been told about how successful the surgery is but I’m thankful it’s done. I continue to pray for quick healing of the wound and that she will be well again.

I will update when I have results of the scan.


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