6 July 2008

  • I LOVE food!!
  • I love Ma’s homemade raisin, prune or cranberry buns.
  • I love fruits – apples, pears, bananas, papayas, watermelon, kiwi fruit and dragon fruit, especially the red flesh type.
  • I love to eat fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, capsicum and lettuce.
  • I love pine nuts.
  • I love my quinoa with muesli and rice milk.
  • I love to drink up the soup in my bowl.
  • I love to laugh – especially when Kor and Jie makes funny faces or when someone farts!
  • I love to laugh out loud and say ’Punny (Funny)’ when something tickles me.
  • I love to tell Ma ’Read (to) me.’
  • I love to blow out birthday candles – HHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
  • I love to play at the playground.
  • I love to see the pong pong fruit roll down the curved pink slide.
  • I love to play in the toy house which Pa fashioned out of a TV carton box.
  • I love to run and kick ball with Kor.
  • I love to swim and wee down the slide in the children’s pool. I know that Ma will catch me at the other end.
  • I love to hold on to a bar and jump on our trampoline.
  • I love my ‘beng, la, la, la, di’ (my castanets). My music teacher taught Jie and I this rhythm using the castanets.
  • I love to paint with the poster paints. You should see my masterpiece in our bedroom.
  • I love to stamp my painted feet on vanguard. It’s fun J
  • I love to suck my thumb when I’m hungry, tired or sleepy – although Ma and Pa try to make me give it up.
  • I love to help wash Jie’s hair when we bathe together.
  • I love to visit Uncle Hsien Chih and Aunty Alicia for my therapy sessions. They love me and help me a lot.
  • I can say ‘Excuse me’ when I burp or fart or when I need some space.
  • I can say ’Hey!’ when I don’t like what someone is doing.
  • I can say ‘Don’t disturb me!’ when someone irritates me.
  • I can say ‘Let me down!’ when I don’t like the way I am being carried.
  • I can ask ’May I have a radish?’ when I want a piece of home pickled radish to go with my mixed noodles.
  • I can say ’Scary!’ or ‘Scare me!’
  • I can say ’Yucks!’
  • I can call out ’DONE!’ when I need someone to help wash me up after I finish my poo or pee.
  • I can say my name ‘Li-Ann’.
  • I can sing ’Amen…Amen….Aaaamen…’
  • I can sing ’Rejoice….rejoice…’ (Song – ‘Rejoice in the Lord Always’)
  • I can take out my shirt and panty all by myself when it’s time to bathe.
  • I can dry myself after my bath.
  • I can brush my teeth.
  • I can eat A LOT!! I also poo A LOT!!
  • I can eat all by myself with a fork or spoon.
  • I can stand on the stool, turn on the tap, wash and dry my hands all by myself.
  • I can sit down and flip my books like Kor and Jie.
  • I can shake my hand bells.
  • I can stand and push Kor’s two-wheeled kick scooter with my leg when Kor moves it around.
  • I can ride the tricycle – when Ma pushes me.
  • I can scribble in the wet soil with my stick pen.
  • I love being 3½ years old because I can do sssssssooooooooo many things.
  • I can do sssssssooooooooo many things because YOU love me, pray for me and encourage me.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O LORD, supported me. Psalm 94:18


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