Update on Mom

9 January 2008

Dear friends

Thank you for praying for my mom. Her surgery was smooth and the doctors do not anticipate any complications. She is at SGH Ward 44 Room 26 Bed 11. She may be discharge earliest thu at noon. I thank God that a primary school friend of mine was with the main surgeon doing the surgery for my mom – God brought him back from the US just in Dec. When we r unable to be there, he was there to visit my mom and look after her. I’m also thankful to the pastor for visiting her and praying for her.

Please pray
– that her leg will not ache any more – it’s the right leg that they put a tube through to the heart for the surgery
– she will keep a positive spirit and not complain at the slightest pain or discomfort
– she will occupy herself constructively
– she will be thankful and will see how God has helped her n protected her
– she will keep praying for herself n her recovery
– my dad will b kept in good health as he’ll b the main caregiver
– we will adjust our lifestyle to help my mom recover

For my own family
– am thankful my last herceptin dose is tomorrow – am thankful that my teacher has volunteered to babysit the children while i go for my appt
– pray for me to know how to encourage my mom and dad
– pray for me to know how to help my parents
– pray for healing for hubby – he’s coughing rather badly coz of nasal drip – he was known to cough up to a month so nights may not b restful for him and us
– pray for healing for Rebecca – he’s been having tummy ache and fever on n off
– pray that God will give me strength, stamina n rest

Really appreciate all the prayers.

Will update more


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