Cool Facts About Dragonfish

  • Size: 2-50cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Habitat: Deep oceans(1500-4500m)
  • Diet: Whatever can fit in their mouths
  • Predators: NA

  • It has no scales
  • Its teeth protrude out of its mouth
  • Can see light at the red end of the spectrum
  • Only known creature to have chlorophyll in its eyes
  • It makes its own red light
  • Females have a barbel on its chin
  • The female has very small eyes
  • Male is a tenth of the size of the female
  • The male also has no teeth, no barbel and no working gut
  • They produce infared light, similar to that of a sniper’s to hunt its prey
  • The young is transparent with eyes on stalks on top of its head
  • Makes use of red bioluminescence to find its prey which can’t detect red light and escape
  • Has teeth-like structures on its tongue

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