The Best Family Time Spent

On Monday afternoon, there was a large bustle to pack games, sand toys, tent, hammock and other things as we were going camping. At last, everything was packed and we headed off to East Coast Park.

The first thing we brought down was the tent. We were all talking excitedly about what we would do that night. Daddy laid out the tent, fixed up the poles and hammered in the tent pegs.Meanwhile, Rebecca and I searched and found shells and rocks. We had some problem with the tent but it was soon over. It was 8pm when we finished. The girls stayed in the tent while daddy and I went to Subway to buy sandwiches for our dinner. We ate at the table near our tent . The sandwiches were good and I ate one and a half sandwiches. After dinner, we played some games like Uno Stacko and flying chess. During the game of flying chess, Rebecca, Daddy and Li-Ann quit halfway while Mommy and I continued playing. After a long and tiring game, Mommy finally won.

Then we went to sleep. Mommy slept the fastest. Daddy, Li-Ann and Rebecca could not sleep. So they went out of the tent to talk. We kept sleeping and waking as teenagers were talking, singing and playing the guitar almost the whole night. I was thcnkful that God sent rain which drove the teens away. Daddy and I came out of the tent at about 5am and stayed there until morning.

The light of the resplendent sun woke us up and we were up and going. I ate a bun and went off to use the bathroom. The girls were still sleeping. Rebecca woke up second and ate her breakfast. Rebecca and I used some sand to make giant sandcastle but it was washed away by the waves. After that, we dug a hole so big that I could sit in it! Rebecca and Li-Ann made sand pies, sand pancakes and sand pizzas.

We had lots of fun camping. The family time was well spent and it was very enjoyable. I wish we will camp again.

1 thought on “The Best Family Time Spent”

  1. Hi John, I enjoy reading your blogs. Something to share with you about my family’s first night camp.
    We were very excited because it was our first time. Uncle Jeffrey and I managed to set up tent for the very first time although we never tried it before. We struggled quite a big while as my husband is the kind of person who does not like to read the manual. Also it was getting dark. It took us one and a half hours to completely set it up. Tired but it was successful. We had dinner, shower then sleep. We were all very tired but could not sleep. The weather was so hot and there was no wind at all. We all thought of our rooms at home with beds and air condition. At 3 am, we all gave up. We decided to go back home…ha ha ha Mission Unaccomplished….
    Aunty Ying/Leya/Menie/Timmy/Uncle Jeffrey.

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