My Favourite Photos

Li-Ann chose these photos and she came up with the captions. I prompted her a little with some of them.

It was amazing how clearly Li-Ann remembered 90% of what she did and how she felt when we went camping in early October. She really enjoyed herself tremendously playing sand in the sun despite the fact that we rarely go to the beach. Being Mommy, I feared her skin getting burnt when the sun was burning hot at mid morning. Not knowing how careful she would be near the water, I repeatedly reminded her not to go too far out. But this audacious and cautious girl just inched herself closer to the waters and played some more there, totally comfortable and contented. Of course, she didn’t want to leave when we had to go. Neither did her Jie Jie and Kor Kor.

Jie Jie is holding a whole bunch of seaweed

Suddenly, I feel that Li-Ann has matured and is so much more creative in the way she plays, not only at home but also outdoors. I praise the Lord for teaching her and helping her grow. I’m so grateful that I was able to capture these precious moments so I may cherish these wonderful memories of my children during their time of play and also to share my joy with you.

Kor Kor is inside the hole
Jie Jie and I play canoe
I am making prata
I am pouring the soy milk

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