All About Li-Ann

Li-Ann is my special sister. She’s five years old. I’m seven years old.

Mama cares for Li-Ann and together, we all help her. We encourage her to move forward and learn.

She likes to dance and sing with us. Li-Ann danced very well during the ARISE! concert on 22 August 2010. I hope Li-Ann will be able to read. We read to her and ask her to follow along.

When she’s angry, she whines, she sulks and she groans. She throws her glasses on the floor and she lies down on the floor and cries. Mama and Papa will discipline her.

I love my little sister. She’s very independent. She can chop mushrooms, read picture books and draw. She likes to imitate us when we play. I like to play and have fun with her and tell her funny stories.

I hope you will give your children opportunities to learn and you will teach them to have self-discipline.

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