All About the Breadfruit

 A very nice Aunty gave us a breadfruit. I have never seen a breadfruit before. I read up and found out more about it.

 Breadfruit is in the mulberry family. It is closely related to the breadnut and the jackfruit. The breadfruit tree has thick leaves. It can produce two hundred fruits or more per season. Its fruit is green and round and the skin is rough. The breadfruit has a lot of small seeds and they can be found in the middle of the fruit. Breadfruit can be eaten raw or cooked.

 We ate the breadfruit Aunty gave us. Mama cut away the skin, sliced the fruit and steamed it. It tasted like bread and yam. I don’t like to eat it plain. I like to eat it with butter and kaya. I think the breadfruit is an interesting fruit.

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