I learnt that we have to be grateful for everything.

I learnt that loving the Lord with all our heart means allowing God to become our desire and feeling completely loved by Him.

I learnt that the joy of the Lord is what God takes delight in.

I learnt that the daughter of a king is beautiful in the inside and wise. She is not like people who think of bad stuff. I know that some of my friends say that the daughter of a king is rich, very pretty and always wears a tiara. But from FULFIL, I know this is wrong!

I think FULFIL is very helpful to help me understand who the real daughter of a king really is.

* Finding Unending Love and Fellowship In the Lord


FULFIL was the program for girls that Rebecca and Li-Ann went for at the homeschooling conference in Malacca. While Rebecca learnt many things, Li-Ann really enjoyed herself being part

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