Fun Speech Camp

I had a wonderful experience at a three-day speech camp. It was held at Grace Baptist Church. Let me share it with you. Each day we assembled in the sanctuary. The activities on each day were about the same. Our camp leader was Jerel Lim. Li-Ann and I were assigned to different groups. After Jerel finished telling us about the camp and the rules, we broke into groups. In my group the first thing that we did was to get to know one another. By the time everyone was introduced, it was time to play a few games. So we combined with another group to play games.

There was a session on different forms of speeches. One form of speech was called the dramatic or humorous interpretation. The two other forms were persuasive and “formal” speeches. I like dramatic or humorous interpretation because it may be funny or dramatic. But it is more exciting if it is both dramatic and humourous. At lunchtime there were little game booths. If anyone wanted to play the game they would have pay fifty cents or a dollar. All the money received would go to a charity in China. After lunch, there were lunchtime speeches by Elisabeth and Natasha. There were snack times in between sessions too. Each day ended with outdoor games. On the last day, the games were the most fun. There was a water bomb fight. We were supposed to throw the bombs at the team leaders.

From this speech camp, I learned different ways of presenting a speech so that a story can “come alive”, be more interesting and enjoyable. I hope that there will be another speech camp soon. I also wish that there will be more fun games at the next speech camp! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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