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Are you the President?

We were at the Festival of Biodiversity on 26 May 2012. When we first found out about it on the web, my oldest, John, who loves animals, kept reminding me of the date so I won’t forget. Really needed that – my memory cells do fail me at times. I, in turn, emphasized that he had to make sure his work was up to date so we can spend the day out. He did his best, so we made it to the Botany Centre. 🙂

Family Fun Day

Oh yes, daddy made burger patties that morning,  Rebecca helped to butter the buns and we had that for our picnic lunch! Thank you!!

Homemade burger just for us 🙂
Hungry for yummy burgers!

The children had fun…

Li-Ann: I see the President and I say, ‘Are you the President?’ There are games and puzzles. Games are fun. We can have fun. The lightning game (the bird is supposed to avoid the trees/lightning) is very fun (by Wildlife Reserves Singapore). I see the exhibition – not nice…the animals are so scary (Think she’s referring to the specimens). I like painting.

Li-Ann asked,’Are you the President?’
Smiling, the President replied,’Yes, I am.’
(This photo was taken by a volunteer. Thank you!)
Decorating my photo frame
Talking to jie jie while colouring
Painting fun

These were painted and named by Li-Ann…

Green Cheese

Rebecca: I saw the stuffed endangered pangolin. People kill them for food and medicine. We have to take care of the animals and protect them. I enjoyed the activity ‘Painting Nature on a Tile’. I also enjoyed playing the butterfly memory game at the Cicada Tree Eco-Place booth with uncle Andrew.

What’s this?
Rebecca at work

Some of Rebecca’s art pieces…

The Promise
The Green (being environmentally friendly) Person
Leopard Feelings

John: The exhibits were interesting and interactive. I liked the preserved live and stuffed specimens. I learnt that the environment is important for the survival of the animals. We need to take care of the environment. I will not kill insects unnecessarily, and not for my photo taking. I was happy that I could take photos of birds, dragonflies, spiders, flies and also photos of the President. I enjoyed collecting the free gifts – the pen (from the HSBC booth), badge, poster, car decal – I got them from participating in the Biodiversity Challenge and Nature Quiz. I liked the mural too.

African Savanna

Here are some photos John took. If you are able to identify the plant/animal, or if we’ve made a mistake, please let us know.

Flower with purple berry (?)
Crimson Dropwing
Leaf Hopper (?)
Unidentified spider
Dollar Bird
The mural
Hornbill completed!
President looking at the starfish

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