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Birthday Bustle

Li-Ann wanted to cook on her birthday. So we came up with a shopping list to buy the ingredients one day before her birthday.  Breakfast She woke up earlier to prepare Paper Bag Breakfast. This is her 4th attempt (Daddy had to miss his coz he woke up earlier than LA's 'earlier' but he ate… Continue reading Birthday Bustle

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Focus on ONE

Li-Ann finally joins the ranks of the YSG (Young Speaker's Guild) students in our chapter IMPACT forCE when we began our chapter year in July. She is really really excited to attend chapter meetings, often asking me about it throughout the week and reminding me tirelessly on the morning when she wakes up. She would pack her… Continue reading Focus on ONE

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Mom Needs My Help

I believe in roping in the children to help in our daily living. One of it is meal preparation. They all begin with cutting the vegetables. Li-Ann was eager to chip in when she saw what her older siblings were doing. Previously, she would chip in with a butter or paring knife. Recently, I 'graduated'… Continue reading Mom Needs My Help

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RDA Flag Day I – A Family Project

I have wondered for a long time whether I should get all of us involved in a Flag Day. I wanted the children to experience the hard work required in raising funds. So after discussing with CM, I signed up for RDA's Flag Day on 28 January 2012. Li-Ann has been blessed by opportunities to… Continue reading RDA Flag Day I – A Family Project