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A Break To Bond Part 4: KL/Seremban/Malacca

On our drive back, we stopped over in KL to visit my cousins and their families and had dinner with them. The food was yummy and not too expensive. We had a wonderful time catching up. The children hit it off well with their cousins too. We bunked over at one of my cousins’ home and that gave John more time to play with his son, who is the same age as John. It was also in KL that we met a very close friend of ours and her children. We’ve not seen one another for a while and we were so excited to see them.

The next morning, my cousin came with us to Seremban to visit his father, my uncle. The drive was a good time for us to talk a bit too. I used to be rather nasty to him when we were children but thankfully, he didn’t hold a grudge against me. Whew!!

Before we left, CM brought us to try another version of chendol – Seremban style. I thought this one was interesting. The chendol was served in a metal bowl on a metal saucer. CM said that would keep it chilled. It was THE BEST of all the chendols we tried in Malaysia!!! I love the chendol with the glutinous rice – a nice balance of the sweet and salty gave this dessert a unique flavour. I was so greedy I even packed another to take away….didn’t seem to have enough of it…hehehe…

We stayed a night at Hotel Puri Malacca. The hotel was beautiful and had many interesting things to see and photographed. All of us enjoyed our time there.

Pretty lamp
Antique telephone still in use
Breakfast in the courtyard
Relaxing read
Leg up for a great breakfast!!

Along the way back to Singapore, we continued to looked around to see what else would be fun. We decided to check out UK Farm. As we didn’t stay there, there were many things we were not able to do. There was one thing the girls did – horse riding. It was a good replacement for the horse riding lesson LA missed when we were on holiday!! She was all smiles, although she wasn’t very keen initially. Rebecca enjoyed it too. The last time she sat on the horse was at the zoo a couple of years ago. Both of them had FUN!!

I am riding on a horse!!
Horse riding lesson in Malaysia

John had his share of fun when he shot some arrows at the ZenXin Organic Park.


After all the fun, we brought our hungry tummies to A&W…

Chomping snacks at A&W

All of us had a fabulous time 🙂 We ate plenty of yummy yummy food, talked a lot, had fun together, took tons of photos and was able to experience Malaysia as a family.

Do share in our thanksgiving:

-We were ALL safe – us and our things. CM had to creatively pack everything into the boot every time we move from one place to another. I thank God for him taking on that responsibility.
-God gave us strength even when we slept late and wake early almost everyday.
-We ate all the good food we wanted to eat – and when we came back, we ate home cooked food to detox.
-LA had no constipation.
-We had good weather when we were outdoors. We had great fun during our night walk, jungle trekking and visiting the national park in Penang. When we had guides, they were great and they made a point to engage the children in the learning too.
-God gave us people who were in the family of Christ to bless us –  one lady who came to talk to us at a resort, my aunty and cousin who are Christians and the worshippers in the church in Ipoh.
-God allowed me to meet with one uncle in Penang and his son and daughter-in-law too. God also multiplied our time so we could meet with this uncle’s daughter who worked in KL. I thank God for our GPS and also CM, who drove us safely to the different places while keeping track of our tight schedule.
-I met with another uncle in Seremban who was ill. In spite of his condition, he was doing well – mobile and he desired to be active. I managed to speak to all his sons, one of them – over the phone.
-God gave me peace and a specific sense of purpose throughout the week. I was grateful that I met all my relatives. God also gave me time and strength before the trip to prepare practical gifts for them.
-We met a good friend who moved to Malaysia some years back at the shopping mall where I met my uncle’s daughter. I thought about my friend when I planned my trip but I knew I won’t have time to meet her. However, God was gracious to allow us to meet and gave us the time to fellowship a little. We were so so happy to see her and her children – they were there for tea after their BSF session. God also brought us together so we could help each other out in other areas. Perfect timing!!
-The children have grown during this trip – with the travelling and learning along the way. They have been responsible and independent.
-God helped us find the church in Ipoh and we were given a very warm welcome. The sermon kept us focused on God’s Word and the children learnt it well too. It was good to fellowship with like-minded Christians.

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