Learning to Read

I have been teaching Li-Ann to read. When she was younger, I tried a little of Glenn Doman. I wasn’t very successful. Maybe I didn’t do it properly or I took too long per try. I shelved that for a while.

This year, I tried to get Li-Ann to recognise her own names and also all our names and some common words using matching of words. She did very well  – she was able to match and recognise the words!! I was amazed at her progress, in spite of my inconsistencies. I thought I found THE way to teach her to read but she got bored 😦 So I’ve left that too.

We’ve been reading to her and also highlighting words to her etc but somehow she still prefers the pictures to the words. Which is not a bad thing because she has been telling us about the pictures. This morning as I read her the Toddler’s Bible, I drew her attention to the title of each story, pointing out each word as I go along. I decided to emphasize on the word ‘God’ (this is a word she had successfully matched previously), spelling out the word for her. After I read each page (total of 4 pages for each story), I asked her to point to me the word ‘God’. And she did!! I thought it was fluke the first time so I got her to do it for a few more times (over 3 stories) and she managed!! I saw the emergence of transfer – she was able to recognise the word in a different font size. Looks like I can stick to this method for a while. 😀

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