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Worshipping God

Last Sunday when we were singing praises unto the Lord in church, I saw Li-Ann standing with her hands outstretched at her sides swaying from side to side, just like the worship leader. She was ssoooooo cute!! It was so good to see her wanting to sing to the Lord. Suddenly, I realised that God is so very pleased to receive praises from Li-Ann – whose heart is simple and pure. I saw God glorified as many children, dear and special to Him, singing to Him, be they the usual worship songs or songs they made up. Oh it’s SO wonderful and I felt so joyful. At the same time, it also dawn on me that there are many out there who do not know the Lord. It is my prayer that through Li-Ann, they will see the love, grace and wisdom of God and will want to come before Jesus to worship him freely too. Amen.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Matthew 5:8

3 thoughts on “Worshipping God”

  1. I am very encouraged to hear Li ann worshpping God. Indeed…. “as surely as i live” says the Lord, every knee shall bow, every tongue will confess to God”. Roman 14:11
    She is a beautiful creation by God, and Only God deserves all our honor and worship.

    I was also very encouraged and motivated to see Christian participated in the Christmas concert at a mere age of 3 years old, though he may not know all the lyrics but he could follow the sequence of actions from the songs accurately. I am extremely thankful to God that he could praise God.

    Like any other child, in sunday school, he is required to particiapate his duties eg: collecting tithes and others. Indeed, like Li ann, he is a blessing to mummy and daddy and also the church.

  2. Noticed Li-Ann praising the Lord too. Totally spontaneous response from her. Was also moved by her desires to praise God.

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