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What an Encouragement!

Li-Ann went for her usual once-a-month therapies at NUH – PT (Physiotherapy) and OT (Occupational Therapy) on Monday. We have noticed an interesting pattern – whoever takes LA for therapy first will have to get her warmed up. Hence, the next therapist will benefit more from LA’s willing co-operation. The good thing is that every month (I happen to notice), the OT and PT appointments seem to ‘take turns’ being first or second. At least that’s fair to the therapists. Otherwise I really sympathize with them. Regardless of all these, overall, LA is more motivated now and will ‘play’ with them. To prepare her, I will tell her, while on our way, that she’s there to play and also she should listen to them etc etc. So far so good. In general, with those who are familiar, she is more willing to communicate and will even attempt to initiate interaction.

What’s new that Monday was that she would see the ST (Speech Therapist) for the first time. The good thing was the appointment was the LAST one – so we figured she’ll be SUPER warmed up by then. In fact it wasn’t too bad for someone she’s seeing for the first time. She was very quiet when told to do tasks and she responded very softly at first. But she opened up when the ST brought out the BUBBLES!! That did the trick. After that she was asking and speaking and playing in her usual VERY LOUD voice and it was amplified coz we were behind closed doors. I had to put my fingers to my ears, really. I didn’t know she was SO crazy about bubbles. But I’m so happy 😀 The ST commented that for LA’s age, her pronunciation was very clear and she knew what LA was talking about. From the ST’s observation about the way I talked to LA, she thought it was very good as I spoke standard English, using complex words and sentences, and the best part was – LA comprehended me perfectly. So the ST concluded that LA’s receptive and expressive languages were excellent and she doesn’t really have any problems. She went on to say that she was so happy to say that of a child. Oh I am so so so so so (sorry, wish I can emphasize this more) excited and encouraged and relieved!! If you are a parent, you’ll know what I mean. Such kind words really warm my heart. 🙂 This ST has been very patient and understanding. I thank God LA is seeing her.

Now that the OT, PT and ST are all under one roof, they can put their heads together to think of how to ‘play’ with LA better so that all will look forward to an enjoyable time of ‘playing’ together.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

2 thoughts on “What an Encouragement!”

  1. My dear, thank you for your comment. You certainly ask very good questions that require a more detailed reply. However, I will not post my LONG story here. Do look out for it in another section of my blog:-)

  2. Whatever you sow, you shall reap with joy.
    Appreciate your selfless sharing and strong inner motivation to move on irregardless of hard situations. I personally like to hear more about your family as to when you know that Li-Ann is a ds child? Your testimony of why you accept her into the family? I am puzzled why you want to home school all your 3 children? Sori….for being a minder.

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