I Can Help

Do You Need Help?

When God told me to set up this blog, through at least 3 friends, I know this is one way I can reach out to help another in need. If you have a genuine need or you are able to give of your resources in some ways, please let me know. I hope to link all of us up so those in need can be helped in efficient and effective ways.

For now, I know of a full time Christian couple with four children who is in the red each month. One of the children requires regular medical care. Would you be able to give? If you are willing and able, let me know so I can link you up with this father. We appreciate your giving heart 🙂

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25

2 thoughts on “Do You Need Help?”

  1. hi apple,
    it’s very good. I envy your effort to share with us. Believe me you will reap what you sow. keep on the good thing. as for jordy, he wears spectacles now…his pronunciation is getting better. we love him a lot. he seems to be the angel when we were in a hard time. I will keep reading your blog. good job.

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