Pray and Give Thanks

Doctor’s Visit

Li-Ann saw the doctor this morning for a review of her anus and also the scar on her side. I’m so grateful we didn’t have to wait. The doctor was happy to see LA – commenting that she has grown. Upon examination, he said that all’s well and gave me credit for taking such good care of LA in terms of her health and diet. He knew of children with similar condition and the families have problems managing. I’m thankful that LA eats and poos well. The doctor had stressed that she cannot be constipated. So I make sure that she passes motion at least once everyday. Not only that, the faeces have to be nice and soft too.  I call that poo watching. I get a lot of information just by watching. Many times I discover what are the food that she swallows without chewing and so I’ll make a point to either cut it smaller or give her by itself. I will also know if she has eaten enough fruits and vegetables and if she has drunk enough water. I thank God for giving me the love for LA and also the sensitivity and wisdom to manage her.

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