Pray and Give Thanks

Reflecting on the Goodness of God – 2009

365 days of 2009 flew by and I have been reminded countless times that we MUST give thanks to God.

1. The Christmas celebration with my in-laws and extended family was a wonderful time of getting together, strengthening our bonds as a family and in Christ and also remembering Jesus – the real Reason for Christmas. It was a breakthrough for us all!! PTL!

2. Generally,we were all in good health. CM had a bad backache for many months. Our Chinese tutor laid hands to pray for him and since then it had been a lot better. We continue to praise God for His healing. It was the 3rd year since my diagnosis of breast cancer. I’m counting down to the 5th year.

3. John was the responsible big brother who loved to make his sisters laugh and enjoyed their company. He was a wonderful help at home and set a good example in asking many good questions.

4. Rebecca had matured too. She had picked up on her confidence, stamina, handwriting, reading, writing, home skills and also self-help skills. She loved her siblings and would look out for them.

5. Li-Ann seemed to have a growth spurt in 2009. It may be a result of improved muscle tone plus a better sense of balance due to a strengthened trunk. She wanted to jump more, climb more, roller skate (actually walk on skates) more, play on the kick scooter (three wheeled) more, run more, doodle more, draw more, talk more, ask more questions and help more….and so we have a very active and chatty and cheeky and cute LA by December 2009.

6. CM and I also discussed and disagreed quite a bit but that had brought us closer to God and one another much  much more. We had learnt the importance of having couple and family devotions regularly, constantly giving thanks and daily praying for unity between us and in the family. I was thankful that we could spend the morning of 31 December 2009 together giving thanks for the past year and committing 2010 to the Lord.

7. Our parents are well and active. My in-laws had completed their Disciple course.  My mom had a few scares but thankfully nothing serious. In spite of the H1N1, my parents had been going to the Mandarin service in my church.

8. Homeschooling was rewarding seeing how the children had progressed. However it was challenging especially when it comes to getting LA to read and count. I’m grateful for the Lord’s sustenance and wisdom.

9. I thank God for the good teachers and therapists the children had. They gave me good feedback and ideas as to how I could guide my children in their work as well as their behaviour.

10. I am most thankful for the family and friends who had remembered us, prayed for us and extended their support to us in many ways. Thank you so much. You were God’s angels 🙂

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