My Family

Li-Ann’s Lines

As Li-Ann becomes chatty, some things she say are sssooo cute, sssooo childlike but yet so reflective of her being a thoughtful child. Perhaps you’ve also spotted something similar in your children. Listen! Hear their hearts. Cherish the child.


The educational therapist was telling Li-Ann to put some beads into some vertical columns by following a certain pattern. When LA put them into the wrong column and she reminded her, LA said,’Oh I forgot.’ The therapist didn’t know whether to laugh or to get angry. She thought LA sounded very polite. You should hear her say it – very cute, very sincere and very funny.


During another session with the educational therapist, Li-Ann told her after completing a simple ship puzzle,’Ship is sailing to Singapore.’ (WAH…good alliteration!) Although unaware of the context, she marvelled at the good sentence structure of what LA uttered. Later on, I told her it must have been some things we commented in passing as we viewed the National Day Parade rehearsal and the Parade on the actual day. I could sense that LA has been soaking up information, processing it actively and then sharing with us her thoughts. Thank God for her cognitive development.


Chee Meng said when he was playing imaginary chess with LA one day and after a move, he said,’I win!’ Guess our little girl’s response? She told daddy quickly,’You cheat!’ CM was amused and speechless. I laughed out loud. How fast her mind ticks!


One day, as Rebecca gave thanks that Chinese NewYear is coming, she also prayed that she would not be scared of the lion dance. Li-Ann, upon hearing the prayer, prayed,’I pray Jie Jie  will (she missed out ‘not’) be scared of the lion dance.’ Then she said,’Jie Jie is a big girl. She is not scared of the lion dance.’ So sweet of her to pray for her Jie Jie Rebecca.


Being the naturally curious child, whenever she missed out on our conversations and wanted to know, she would ask,’Mama/Papa, what are you talking about?’ Good question asked! And grammatically correct too! Praise the Lord!

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