Pray and Give Thanks

2010 in the Mighty Hands of my Abba Father

A Blessed 2010 to you!!!

It’s already 6 January 2010. Am I a little late to commit the new year to the Lord? Not too late perhaps; at least it’s still within the first week of the first month of the new year 😛

Hubby and I made a point to pray and commit this year to the Lord on 31 December 2009. It was good. We probably will do that every year. We ask you to continue to uphold us in prayer, witness the unfolding of God’s plans and by faith, give thanks for all that He will do for us.

1. Salvation for my parents and brother and for CM’s side of the family – siblings and nephews and nieces who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We also pray for our family members to be open as they are invited to church or evangelistic activities.

2. Good health and immune system for all in the family. I pray that we will take greater responsibility for the health of our bodies which is also the temple of God.

3. Grow spiritually individually, as a couple and as a family.

4. Be joyful in all that God wants us to do – whether individually or as a family. I pray that God will give us a common vision and voice as we serve Him as a family.

5. The children will continue to be passionate and focused in their learning.

6. More organised in homeschooling – especially when Rebecca is in primary 1 this year. John will need some consolidation for his foundational skills for the first 3 years. Li-Ann will learn to sing (longer songs), read, write and count – we pray that with maturity and growth, there’ll be more consistent results. I’m still learning how to ‘split’ myself and yet still remain whole and sane – really need to trust God to multiply my time and efforts.

7. Li-Ann’s PDA (an extra artery) will close so that no surgery is required. While her horizontal nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) is congenital, I’m trusting God for healing.

8. To build on the children’s current abilities to take care of themselves and the home so that they may be more independent.

9. Manage my blog wisely and effectively so that God may be seen and glorified – pray that God will teach me how to pen my thoughts quickly and concisely.

10. We will ALWAYS seek to rely on God for ALL areas of our lives so that we may walk in His will.

I leave you with some thoughts from my devotion ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ by Oswald Chambers:

‘All our vows and resolutions end in denial because we have no power to carry them out. When we have come to the end of ourselves, not in imaginations but really, we are able to receive the Holy Spirit. “Receive ye the Holy Ghost” – the idea is that of invasion. There is only one lodestar in the life now, the Lord Jesus Christ.’

I pray that you’ll be strengthened by the Lodestar.

May He be your Beacon of Light.

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