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Chatty Baby

It’s amazing how much Li-Ann talk nowadays. I find that I’m like a traffic controller at times – reminding them to talk less and eat more/quickly, reminding them to take turns to speak, reminding to speak softly (especially in the car) , reminding to speak kindly and appropriately etc. Regardless, it’s so good to find LA speaking so naturally and what’s best is – she also enjoy conversations with others outside the family, with people who ‘click’ with her. However, I also saw how she has used her verbal abilities to ‘xiam’ (dialect for avoid) what she doesn’t like.

On her recent visit to the therapists, I dropped her off and picked her up an hour later. When I checked with them on how LA fared. Both gave the thumbs up for her EXCELLENT communication with them but the thumbs down for her unwillingness to adhere to the tasks she was told to do. Basically, she told them to do this and that or not to do this or that just to get her way. I saw the simple joining of the dots which she was told to do but only completed partially. I knew she could do them but she just didn’t want to.  She did the same thing to her swimming coach. All in the same week.

It’s wonderful that she can wiggle her way out. At least we know she IS thinking. I thank God for her cognitive development. Now I’m trusting God to nip bad behaviours quickly and to teach what is right. So…I will need LOADS of perseverance.

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