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The Hula Hoop

I personally never have any affinity for this round thing called the hula hoop, although I think it’s an excellent way to exercise. Hence, I don’t think very much of it.

Sometime last year, we had a stall at a fun fair and my friend happened to set up a games stall next to ours. One of the games was to see how many times one could do the hula hoop. While I tend to my stall, I urged the children to go and have fun. To our amazement, Rebecca could do the hula hoop and she did VERY well too. You should see the way she did it – it was so effortless! That was SSSSSOOOOO exciting!!! Rebecca was thrilled!!! When we got home, we quickly asked her to try our hula hoops but she couldn’t do it at all. Upon checking with my friend, I discovered a secret (maybe it’s not a secret to others, only to me) – hula hoops do have weights in them, like water or beans. So we brought Rebecca to a bookshop nearby and asked her to try the hula hoops there. When she could do it, we bought one for her. This one contains water.

We were so happy that she found something she can do well, even better than John. We hope to encourage her to keep working at it. It’s so easy for a younger sibling to live in the shadows of the older one and we didn’t want that. We continue to pray for God to show us the gifts of our children and also how to nurture them.

Just this week, John counted and claimed Rebecca did 1000 times!? And he was suggesting that it may be good enough (I’m not sure) for the Guiness Book of Records. Now how’s that for a supportive brother 🙂 Thank you John for loving your sister and sharing in her joy.

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