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Growing Up

Li-Ann is growing up FAST! She is very spontaneous in her play and speech, in both English and Mandarin, now. She attempts to initiate purposeful conversations, even with strangers, whom she perceived as friendly. I’m very amazed at how God has quickened her spirit and taught her many things.


LA has prayed for us when we asked her to. Often, she will tell us who she wants to pray for as well. We make it a point to pray together as a family and we always encourage the children to pray aloud for others. I’m so so happy to hear her pray because I know how delighted God is to hear her and He sees her heart too. Allow me to share some of her simple and sincere prayers:

* God, bring Daddy safely home. In Jesus name, Amen.

* Help mommy drive safely. In Jesus name, Amen.

* Thank you that we can go to church to worship you. In Jesus name, Amen.

*Please take care of Uncle xx and Jie Jie xx and they will go to church. In Jesus name, Amen.

So let us know how we can pray or give thanks for you. Li-Ann will pray and give thanks for you too 🙂


Li-Ann went for her routine dental check at KKH on Friday. She met the dentist for the FIRST time (the previous one had gone overseas to study) and was asked to sit on the chair for the FIRST time (previously she sat on me as I sat on the chair) and she obliged willingly. Other than little reminders here and there, she was extremely cooperative – her mouth was opened wide for checking and brushing. She was even alright with the  nurse sucking water out with a tube. She could rinse her mouth properly too (for exciting details, read And she got a sticker for reward 😉 The other reward was to hear the dentist say that her teeth were good and clean. I really praise the Lord for giving LA assurance as I know some children may have fears going to the dentist. I’m very grateful that her experiences at all her dental visits have been joyful and pleasant. God has brought by patient dentists and nurses.


One evening when we were waiting for John and Rebecca to finish their classes, we were at an Indian stall with LA. As she was eyeing our dosai, we thought of asking her if she wanted a roti prata. She said ‘yes’. So Daddy decided to use this opportunity to teach and motivate her. He  told her if she could order the prata herself, she could have it. We briefed her on what to say and got her to say it once. Her only request was,’Daddy go with me?’ I saw them place the order. Daddy gave more details – he only cued her on the first word ‘May’ and she finished the rest ‘May I have one roti prata, please?’. I saw the delight and pride on Daddy’s face. Wish I was there to hear her. And she paid for her prata too. WOW!! Li-Ann ordered her own prata….I just can’t stop thanking God. God is so GOOD! That’s one of LA’s favourite song.

Of late, I’ve been reminded of one of my favourite songs –  ”How Great is Our God’. Click here to listen How Great Is Our God

I am listening to it as I write. And I’m very much lifted up and energized. You won’t believe it – of all the songs I wanted to listen to, this is the ONLY one that can play. Thank God I LOVE this song. So sing along and worship. He deserves all Praise and Glory.

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