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17 November 2006

Know whose favourite word that is? It’s Chee Meng’s!!!!! He’s been nagging at me to EAT. ‘Eat more.’ ‘Eat every hour’ ‘Eat more protein.’ People who don’t know me may think that I’m pregnant or something. Ok ok I get the picture. Hubby does have a reason to be concerned.

I did my first chemo on Monday afternoon. It was ok. The nurse sat next to me and made sure all the drugs went in with the saline – good thing she talked to me. That distracted me lots. The nurse was very kind – she told me to go home and exercise my left arm so that my veins will open up and won’t be so sensitive. Afterall my left arm is the only arm that can be used for blood taking or injection etc. Hubby was with me too. His hands were helpful when I need to hold them. Thank you. Sorry I held it so hard and it was painful. I came home feeling tired. I threw up a few times. It was probably because the fish soup that I ate had milk in it. After I took the anti-nausea pills, I just lay down super still for fear that any motion would send me running to the toilet bowl again. The second day was better as I took the pills before anything else. It was uneventful except that I rested too much in the day and found it hard to sleep at night. Aiyah so much problem right?

Anyhow I’m much better. I can eat but the question is: WHAT? I want to eat curry puff, popiah, mee siam, chicken rice, spaghetti….drink juices, soy bean ….take ice jelly, eat ice-cream….Do I sound a glutton? Just that I will eat only a few mouthfuls of each and someone else has to finish up the rest. It would be a good idea to go for a buffet but it’ll be very expensive. I know I have to eat but also to eat healthily. Still trying to overcome bland foods. You know, I don’t even crave anything so drastically during pregnancy. Hubby got very stressed trying to buy food for me. Heehee…..

After having taking the TB medication for a week, I went back yesterday to take blood to check my liver function. Everything is fine. PTL!! I also took my first booster shot yesterday. I’m so thankful that the doctor friend who will be helping me with the shots was also there to chat with me. It was good to have her assure me that even for her as a doctor, she would look away should she require her blood to be taken. At least I don’t feel like an alien. There are no adverse side effects except I had terrible body aches. Guess that’s one way to make me lie down and not do anything. My next 2 booster shots will follow 2 and 4 days later.

So I figured it’s better to keep to routines as much as possible, eat when I’m hungry, rest when I need to, talk when I want to and relax lots.

Please give thanks
* One aunty who is also undergoing chemo called me last weekend, reminding me what are some food and drinks that had helped her, even stopped her hair loss.  Hair was certainly something I was thinking about those few days. Isn’t God good?
* I was at the Lighthouse Miracle Service last Saturday and was reminded that I need to be praying as I go through the treatment. One of the ushers asked if I have been prayed for that evening. Actually I only prayed for myself and am so thankful that God brought along a sister to pray for me. God always meet my needs.
* My mom has been praying for me. She told me that she’ll try to remember to pray a few times a day. I pray that God will speak to her as she prays. PTL!!!
* Hubby’s boss and company has been very kind and compassionate towards us.
* Li-Ann is telling us what she wants to do – she’ll ‘direct’ us where to go when we hold up her hands to walk. Today she just reminded my mom, who sneezed, to cover her mouth. *smile* So very adorable. And her laughter is super contagious.

Please pray
* I will fill my mind with all things good, beautiful and positive. Just thinking about all the drugs and the number of times I have to be poked for whatever purpose can be quite nightmarish. There was this night I had to sing ‘I Surrender All’ in my mind many times before I fell asleep. A good time to praise the Lord though and a good reminder to surrender all to God.
* I will take authority and keep praying for my own healing.
* I will maintain a healthy weight.
* Li-Ann’s extra artery of her heart has closed. Her checkup is on 27 Nov.
* Everyone will be in good health.
* Extra measure of strength and grace for hubby.

Appreciate you all for praying for me.


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