Just before the year ended, we had an opportunity to go for a firefly tour in Malaysia. Except for my hubby, we have never seen fireflies before. This trip proved to be very educational and enriching for us. I marvelled at how God created these wonderful creatures. So I urged the children to pen their thoughts and also do some research on fireflies. You can read about them in John’s Creation and Rebecca’s Gems.

I, too, was inspired by these little beetles – yes, John told me they are not flies, they are beetles. Perhaps this may be a good way to begin 2011, an extension and reminder of my learning from the church camp – a perspective on Light…


Christmas lights
Nice and bright
Amazing! Fireflies!

Blinking lights
Nice and bright
Awesome! Starry night!

Twinkling lights
Nice and bright
Dazed! Delightful eyes!

Heavenly Light
Glorious Sight
Jesus! Saviour Right!

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