Follow The Leader

We love to go cycling as a family. As Li-Ann still can’t cycle, she has a special seat just behind daddy. Last year, it was really encouraging when Rebecca, having better stamina, could cycle longer distances. We then began to bike more frequently and further.

Wherever we go, daddy will lead the way, followed by John, Rebecca and then myself. I thought God is really teaching me what it means to follow my leader:

*There’s an appropriate time to question. I realise that even when I’m wondering why CM takes this turn or that, I may not be able to voice them immediately. It will be disruptive to stop too many times too. Subsequently, when CM stops to rest, I will have a chance to share my thoughts with him. Until then, it’s best to…

*Follow the leader and trust that he knows which is the best route. This is a real test for me. Surprisingly, for someone who is all for open communication, I’ve come to appreciate the time alone and silence when we bike in single file. As in Ecclesiastes 3:7b, truly, there is

a time to be silent and a time to speak

*Look out for the children. Being right behind, I can see how the children are coping and will encourage them, especially Rebecca, when required. I would do that, especially when we meet with slopes or approach road junctions. I will get nearer to Rebecca, prep her ahead of time and tell her what to do. I will also alert John when he’s a little too slow and Rebecca is too close behind him. Once, I spotted LA’s seat belt loosening and warned daddy about it. I thank God for the strength to keep the children and myself going.

*Only unity moves. Unless we co-operate and unite our efforts, our ride will be laborious and unhappy. We will neither enjoy one another nor our journey. I am reminded of the oneness of the first Christians in Acts 4.32a

All the believers were one in heart and mind.

We probably will ride our bikes together often – giving thanks for our family togetherness, the plants and animals He made, the exercise we get and also for the safe neighbourhood and country He has given us. Now, we only hope that Li-Ann can learn to cycle soon, before she’s too big for the seat on daddy’s bike. Will you pray along with us for her?

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