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The Blessing Box – May

Find out how the Blessing Box came about here The Blessing Box – January

* May was another busy month for us. I felt like I was on the move ALL the time. In spite of that, I’m grateful that God continued to show me the way to go.

* Li-Ann’s first baby tooth finally dropped on 4 May! I thought the tooth must be pretty shakened when we had pizza with crispy bases for lunch that day. LA, who loved pizza bases, did tell me that it was too hard for her to chew. She continued to eat heartily after I offered to cut them into smaller pieces for her. Then she told me her tooth was painful. A gentle touch revealed that it was waiting for the right time to fall out. I asked if I could pull out for her. She refused and pursed up her lips, saying that her tooth felt ok. She was so cute – she kept saying that she felt alright yet she was so preoccupied (and so wasn’t very keen on dinner) with fiddling the loose tooth with her tongue and trying to contain the pain and irritation. When she eventually agreed, I chickened out. I thank God that His will is not for me to be a dentist or doctor. Don’t think I can ever make it. Well, God was merciful and allowed the tooth to drop out on its own. I was afraid she might swallow it in her sleep. We were all VERY HAPPY. LA said in relief, ‘Now I feel more better.’ Here’s a picture of her first baby tooth that dropped

* One of Rebecca’s baby tooth dropped out too – actually John accidentally knocked it out. I wasn’t home when it happened (many things seem to happen when I’m not at home) and I was told that there was quite a bit of blood (which I’m not inclined to believe fully). I’m thankful coz she had been complaining of a nagging ache and nothing seem to be able to make her feel better.

* Li-Ann will have 8 horse ridding lessons at the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) in June and she was told to go for an assessment ride one of the afternoons. LA was extremely eager to go. She remembered her pony ride, wearing the equestrian helmet for the first time at the World Down Syndrome Day 2011 in March and was yearning for more. When told to sit on Fraggle, a gentle female horse, she quickly swung her legs on her back and made herself very comfortable even though she wasn’t sitting on a saddle. LA’s sense of balance was good and they found a helmet that fitted her very nicely. Therapy was done on horse back and LA had fun. They also taught her how to tell her horse to go or stop.

I came back and went through it with her a number of times over 2-3 days and she had no problem with it. Then I see the 3 of them playing horse riding with LA telling the horse, ‘Walk on!’ (to go) or ‘Woa!’ (to stop) The best part is a week later when I asked her, she could tell me, showing that it is already in her long term memory.

She also drew a picture of the place when she came back. It certainly looked like the arena where she rode Fraggle. Her siblings put in the picture and words so I know what I’m looking at. I was amazed at how quick she was at expressing what she has seen and enjoyed. Here it is:

* We went for the Discipleship Conference organised by our church. We were grateful that a friend was able to babysit the girls for a day while John came along with us. The girls joined us for the other full day and a night. We learnt many things. John too. He wrote a little something here Thank you Reverend Stuart

* One day at dinnertime, I told CM to help me tie up LA’s hair so it won’t get into her food. Rebecca had tied LA’s hair into 2 plaits earlier on but it got messy. So dear papa decided to try his hands at tying plaits for LA. That’s so sweet of him. It’s such a privilege to have her hair done by the head of our household. LA was very proud of her plaits 🙂 Check it out here:

See my plaits!!
My Dada did it for me 🙂

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