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The Blessing Box – June

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* We began the June holidays with Li-Ann’s riding lessons at RDA. There were 8 lessons in all. I’m so so grateful that we didn’t have to pay for the lessons as they are heavily subsidized. The sidewalkers who took LA found her thoroughly soaking in every moment she had on the horse. They taught her how to handle the horse and also encouraged her when she had to do various activities on horseback. I thought LA’s posture was excellent too…and the way she held onto the reins to steer the horse – such a natural!!

I’m particularly touched by Louise’s love for Glow and LA. Louise was with Glow and LA for 7 sessions. She saw how LA got to know Glow, how she learnt to steer, how she patted the horse so often, how she enjoyed all the tasks on horseback, how she wanted to say ‘hi’ to Glow but most of all, Louise frequently noticed and highlighted to me how WIDELY LA smiled. Louise thought we really love LA a lot and she found LA to be so different – she seemed to exude that love to those around her as well. I deeply appreciated the kind compliment. I believed that it was also an affirmation of God’s faithfulness as we had trusted God for LA’s growth and development. That led me to a realization that if we had experienced God in His Perfect Love, we will also glow in that love and pass that on to those around us.

On the last day, LA was presented with a certificate and a photo of her on Glow. She got a Grade 2B – a very good grade for a first time rider, I was told. She was very happy and wanted to show and tell everyone what she got. I was overjoyed and treated ourselves to duck rice – it was a pretty well-known but pricey stall.

Check out the Artist’s impression of her experience Posing with Glow – My Favourite Horse

Also here are some photos of happy LA… RDA!!
First photo with my blue helmet
Da Da, Mommy and I
Do I look smart?
So...these are things I have to do
Patient and Pretty Aunty Louise with Princess Glow
Holding the reins
Slow n steady
My WIDE smile - Thanks to Da Da!
More WIDE smiles...
Gotcha!! Another WIDE smile...
Time to say goodbye...
Well done Li-Ann!!

* We went for swimming lessons after at least 2 weeks break. I was anticipating much persuasion from the coach and at least 10 minutes of warm-up time for LA. But I was wrong! Just after 5 minutes of initial acknowledgements and instructions, I saw LA splashing around in the 50cm deep pool, trying to locate the rockets coach threw in. That carried on non-stop for a good half hour before she was given a break. Coach gave feedback that she did very well that day. Praise the Lord for the horse-ridding lessons that had strengthened her back. A week later, coach told me that LA was willing to hold his hand at the edge of big pool (1.0m) and jump off.

* We have also observed that Li-Ann is very much more chatty and her back is certainly stronger. I was told that LA jumped off the couch one day when I wasn’t around. That proved that her back was very much strengthened as she wasn’t able to do that previously. She also wanted to do many things herself, including bathing, saying that,’Daddy says I’m a big girl.’ I’m so grateful for that motivation. I’m so thankful for CM’s close relationship with the children. It’s so vital to their growth and security.

* I was given a couple of complimentary vouchers to learn rollerblading. Other than LA, I’m the only other person in the family who has rollerblading-phobia. I was overjoyed that I got the vouchers but I kept putting off going for the sessions and even had to ask for an extension, which the company kindly agreed. I finally went for my first session. I was super nervous and tensed. Thankfully I wasn’t the only senior among the young children – they were about Rebecca’s age. I must say that the instructor was very patient with all of us and he would quickly correct us so we won’t perpetuate in our bad habits. I think the best thing I learnt was how to fall safely and how to stand up quickly. Surprisingly, at the end of the session, I found myself gliding more. I gotta learn to let myself move along with the wheels a bit more. Here are some embarrassing shots…

My class
I want to have fun
I can fall safely
I won't fall...I won't fall...
Bend my knees...hands in front...keeping feet in a 'V'

*I signed John up for a 5-day public speaking/debating camp. It was very intensive training for him but I thought he handled it very well.

I thank God for…
-the 3 wonderful trainers from the US who were able to manage the children and were very open to feedback and suggestions.
-involved parents who helped out during the sessions; that really relieved the trainers quite a bit.
-John’s independence – attending the camp on his own and preparing the speeches all by himself.
-Rebecca’s interest in what’s going on and she helped me look after LA.
-CM sacrificing his use of the car so we can go to camp quickly and in comfort.
-good weather conditions; I believe other than Monday morning, the rest of the days were bright and sunny 🙂
-good traffic conditions so we were always on time and we were not really stuck in the peak hour jams in the morning or evening.
-good venue for the camp as it is very near the expressway and traffic is usually moving.
-getting LA to her horse ridding lessons on time during that week.
-the spacious and child friendly venue – even LA could get around by herself.
-showing me 3 toilet cubicles with shower facilities when I needed to shower the girls one of the evenings. I ask for only one but God gave me THREE options – such a generous God I have, ya?
-helping me to wake up early everyday so I can get Li-Ann to do her big business; thankfully she wasn’t constipated on any of those days.
-strength for those 5 days.
-giving me wisdom to plan our meals for the week; I had to bring breakfast and lunch out and make sure 90% of dinner is ready before we leave for camp.
-the children’s willingness to help me prepare breakfast and lunch and other chores when we get home.
-keeping us healthy and alert for those 5 days.
-giving all of us (yes, even LA) time to make new friends and catch up with old ones. I met a friend whom I’ve not seen for at least 8 years.
-giving John opportunities to sweat it out playing catch, wave board and soccer with his friends.
-helping Rebecca get to know the girls, many of whom were older than her. They exchanged contact numbers to keep touch.
-LA’s boldness to join Rebecca and other girls in the class and during meals. I’m grateful that those around accommodated her and took care of her. In fact, I was so touched when Josiah wanted a photo with her and even didn’t mind skypeing us so LA could see and talk to him. That was such a kind gesture. Thank you for making a mommy’s day!
-blessings of a variety of food/fruits/snacks/desserts/beverages.
-giving a group of ladies and their supportive husbands the willingness to coordinate snacks and meals for the camp trainers and participants so their tummies were never growling :-[
-not having anything urgent I had to attend to so I could focus my energy on the camp.
-time to learn many things about public speaking and debating.
-helping me take photos and videos during the camp.

Sharing memories taken at the camp…

No more growling tummies!!
The debate class
Preparation time
Working hard together
I need a BREAK!!
Debating seriously
Don't distract the judges
Catching up with friends
Meeting old friends again
My friend, Josiah
Thank you Tim, Josiah and Luke

Check out more thanksgiving items and photos from
Rebecca’s Gems Speech Camp
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*I had shared with some of you of this chronic cough and backache that CM was stricken with sometime in March. Please give thanks that he’s well!! For the past few months, I’ve checked with him on how he was doing. He told me he was trying not to cough so much. His reasoning was – the harder he coughed, the worse he felt and there was a tendency for him to cough more.There were times he would suck a cough drop or two, especially during meetings. Anyhow we had been so busy and after a while, we kind of didn’t remember he was supposed to cough anymore!! As for his back, he felt it was getting better and especially if he had exercised regularly. Thank you for praying for CM’s cough and his back 🙂

*My brother accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour!!! That’s such good news. Please rejoice with us!!

2 thoughts on “The Blessing Box – June”

  1. Love Li-Ann’s smile. She has blossomed so much, hasn’t she? Probably need to ask you about the horse riding course.

    1. Thanks for keeping touch. We constantly give thanks for LA’s growth. God continues to amaze us with what He can do through her. I would love to share more about the horse riding lessons.

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