My Family

New Look – Credit Goes To…

Some of you who visited my blog previously will notice my blog’s got a new look. Thought I would try something different and maybe not so boring for me lah…

I was also trying out a new header. Since I could customise it, I decided to pick a nice photo we have. Browsing our files, I saw a ‘Yellow Flower’ folder and decided to check it out. I was pretty impressed with the shots!! I picked my favourite. So what’s on my header is part of that yellow flower photo which John took at home whle exploring with some lighting effects. John claimed he brought it home one day after our morning walk downstairs. Frankly, I don’t remember having seen any yellow flowers.

Rightfully, I should acknowledge my son’s efforts lest I be accused (by CM) of infringing on the ‘copyright law’… so here goes…

Thank you John for that beautifully taken photo of a common yellow flower. I LOVE it!! It brightens up my blog and my day 🙂

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