My Family, Pray and Give Thanks

What Do You Do?

It’s such a pleasure to be home with the children. Of course there are days where I am tearing my hair out. But I’m always grateful – even for the bad hair days, because I can be with them. Recently, when I looked at them and spent time with them, God inspired me to pen down this poem…and I had to do it…when I couldn’t sleep anymore at 6am…

What do you do with curved lashes, cute dimples and cheeky smiles?
You adore them and kiss them…

What do you do with silky hair, brilliant eyes and smooth skins?
You marvel and wonder at their flawless beauty…

What do you do with nimble fingers, swift feet and active bodies?
You hold them and wish you can keep up with them…

What do you do with high-pitched singing, action dances and creative plays?
You praise, cheer and clap thunderingly…

What do you do with thoughtful initiative, warm concerns and consoling embraces?
You are touched by the big little hearts…

What do you do with strange ideas, curious questions and incessant talks?
You tire but are filled with amazement and joy…

What do you do with rude words, rough play and irate faces?
You are upset but try to be patient and understanding…

What do you do with ‘no’ answers, reluctant ‘yeses’ and defiant sulks?
You are boiling yet breathing and struggling with the bellow in your throat…

What do you do with fake burps, smelly farts and wet sneezes?
You (sniggering) remind and teach about manners and hygiene…

What do you do with baby cries, chesty coughs and wily whines?
You listen, chide and hug…

What do you do with green mucous, burning fevers and persistent diarrhoea?
You stay, pray and trust…

The Almighty God
Who made you and these awesome miracles
Who knows you
Who loves them
Who will ALWAYS give THE BEST
Who will NEVER leave you
…and your precious


6 thoughts on “What Do You Do?”

  1. Thanks, Apple for sharing this poem….very aptly worded and beautiful…reminds me to be thankful and appreciate the beautiful gift God has given in Sarah despite the challenges. Come to think of it, there is more to celebrate about her than otherwise. She is such a unique and special gift from the Lord!!

  2. Very heartwarming, apple. Appreciate every of those wonderfully worded descriptions of our beautiful children. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem. You reminded me to pause and give thanks for each of them.

  3. A most beautiful devotional song, gentle and quiet, unfurling unnoticed but still… a great life onto its own like a brand new seed-leaf germinating and springing forth in the tender soil of your love and care for your little ones… Thank you for sharing : )

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