My Family, Pray and Give Thanks

Li-Ann,”Wah! So Cool!”

Of late, I’ve been pretty amazed at some of the things that Li-
Ann say. It showed her curiosity and also what went on in her mind. Some are very interesting and thoughtful while others are childlike and funny. She is likely to have picked them up from her siblings. I want to share some of them here…

Mommy: We are going to River Hongbao.
LA: Do we take hong bao from the river?
Mommy: (Hahaha…trying not to laugh out loud…) No, we don’t. There’s no hongbao in the river.

Mommy: Did you enjoy the stage performance at River Hongbao?
LA: Not really.
Mommy: (And I thought the songs and items were rather interesting as some were artistes from China…Perhaps it was too loud?) Why?
LA: They (Some lady performers) were not wearing appropriately. You can see their armpits.
Mommy: (Marvelling at her observations…) I see…


LA: Aunty XXX’s baby is very chubby.
Mommy: (Knowing that she’s right but curious to know how she came to the conclusion, I asked…) How do you know?
LA: You can feel it.
Mommy: (Wah…I was expecting such an answer. Maybe she saw me touching the baby’s cheeks – she liked to do that too. Can’t fault her for that. I can only say…) That’s quite true.


One day while we were at a park…
John: Why are you collecting rubbish (Referring to the leaves LA collected)?
LA: Just for fun.
Mommy: (Yes! Recalling my childhood days, it can be fun.) Ya! It’s fun.


When looking at John’s photos of grey herons taken at Sungei Buloh..
LA: Wah! So cool!
Mommy: (Don’t know what to say to that. She’s right. The photos are cool.)


One day when their helmets were out lying around…
Mommy: John please help to keep LA’s helmet.
John: Ask LA to keep her helmet.
LA: I can’t. My hands are full…of porridge. (She was eating porridge.)
Mommy: (What a way to get away with it!!)


Sometimes, not wanting LA to dirty her water bottle (The bottle and water), I will pour a little water down her mouth/throat a bit at a time.
LA:Got waterfall in my mouth. (Then she smiled her sweetest smile 🙂 )
Mommy: That’s right!! (I thought that was such an apt description of what was happening.)


LA’s toys were not kept and I asked daddy to remind her to keep them…
Daddy: Please keep your toys.
LA: Don’t force me to keep.
Daddy: Should we throw away the toys?
LA: But mommy don’t want to throw away the toys.
Daddy: Alright, obey Papa now and keep the toys.
Mommy: (Marvelling at how she tried to wiggle out of the situation yet realising she needs to be taught how to obey her parents.)


LA: Why does Glow always look down like this (Looking down) and is scratching her legs?
Mommy: (Still thinking of how to answer and thinking to myself: that’s how horses are made and they are not like us right? And before I can answer…)
LA: I know, mommy, I know.
Mommy: Yes?
LA: Because Glow has a mosquito bite and it’s itchy.
Mommy: Really? I see. (Very amusing logic but I see her thinking and relating to what she knows. So funny…)


When I was in the shower one day, LA ran into the bathroom panicking…

LA: Mom, the computer anyhow blackout!
Mommy: (Amazed at her correct singlish, sniggering in my heart) You mean something happened and the computer screen is black?
LA: (Frustrated) Yes. And kor kor say cannot turn on.
Mommy: It’s ok LA. I think it’s time to let the computer rest. I will help you later.


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