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RDA Flag Day III – How to Get More Donations

After the flag day, we brainstormed some ideas on how to get more donations. Maybe you will find it useful too 🙂

1. Be cute and smile.
2. Be warm and polite in your greeting – eg. Happy New Year, Good morning, Hello, Hi.
3. Choose a good location where human traffic is high.
4. Ask the important question – Would like to donate some money?
5. Be confident.
6. Maintain eye contact.
7. Speak audibly and clearly.
8. Walk up to potential donor.
9. Get donor’s attention.
10. Have good body language – stand straight, no hands in pocket, don’t fiddle around, make sure there’s nothing/no one between you and donor, don’t use fillers such as ‘er’, ‘um’.
11. Rehearse what you want to say.
12. Explain the purpose for seeking donation.
13. Keep what you want to say short and sweet – eg. This association uses horse riding therapy to help children with disabilities.
14. Keep scanning for potential donors.
15. Attract attention – eg. wear bright coloured clothes, wear a hat, use props such as puppets, make placards.
16. Thank the people even if they don’t wish to donate – say ‘Thank you’, ‘Bye’, ‘Have a nice day’, Bless you’, ‘Thank you for encouraging my children’, ‘Thank you for being generous’.
17. Bring water.

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