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A Break to Bond Part 3: Penang

We were full of anticipation as we drove from Ipoh to Penang. Our minds were filled with the Penang bridge, the beautiful beaches, the yummy food and the people…I related to the children about my relatives who were still  staying there after my grandparents passed on. We were excited that we could meet with them during our trip.

Oooh…look at the clouds!
Breathtaking background from the pool deck
A family shot

Our place of stay was The Northam All Suite. The children had plenty of space to move around – even the bathroom was huge. What’s best was the view – we were grateful to be given rooms facing the sea and since we had wonderful weather, the sight was GREAT although there was construction going on some distance in front of our hotel. There was the baby blue sky, puffy white clouds and the shimmering green sea dotted with ships and boats.

Lone boat

We took a walk in the Penang National Park with my cousin and aunty. It was rather muddy as it rained the previous night.

Our family on the jetty
I LOVE the awesome skies!!
Slow and steady we go!

However, the sunny climate gave us excellent photos. It was a feast for our families’ photographers – CM and John, who were eagerly capturing the charm of this island. I felt like I was in a picture perfect postcard.

Sea bird
Imagine living in that house on the open seas
Fishing boat

My cousin brought us to eat the local hawker food at Pulau Tikus. The prices were good and the food was very tasty. Eating together and sharing the food made it even more enjoyable. We tried the wanton noodles, Penang laksa, Penang fried kway teow, kway teow soup, satay, chendol and many other mouthwatering dishes.

Hungry must go place
Can we get a table?
A hawker fanning his satay
From the fire to our table..hhhmmm…satay!!
Let’s dig into the ngoh hiang and tau kwa!!

Of course, after we ate our fill, we left Penang with MORE food – the well known tau sar piah (bean paste cookie). We gotta bring home a part of Penang right?

We were not done with eating…and we continued in KL/Seremban/Malacca and along the way as we made our way back to Singapore.

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