My Family

My Super Hero I

24 July 2007

Do you have any super heroes? I have one 🙂

23 June– Went to my friend’s baby’s first  birthday   We almost didn’t make it. – My friend’s mom told me she met up with Aunty S recently and Aunty had offered drive me to the hospital I met Aunty S almost 20 years ago when I first started working. She was a kind lady who got me my first temporary assignment. Through her, I accumulated precious work experiences and met many friendly and helpful colleagues.
27 June– Asked my friend for Aunty S phone number and found out that she lives in Toa Payoh   I thought I shouldn’t call her up as she lives so far away.
2 July– Sms/call my friends to check who can go with me for my chemotherapy on 4 July
3 July noon– PANIC!!! No one was available.   – Called Aunty S at a good time and she readily agreed to pick me up – Parents and hubby were relieved that I would have company
4 July   – 5.30am – 7.30am – 8.15am – 9.30am – 10am – 10.30am – 11am – 11.30pm – 12.30pm – 1pm – 2pm – 2.40pm– Hubby went off for his reservist Usually when I have morning appointments, hubby would give me a ride on his way to work. But it wasn’t possible that morning. – Aunty S picked me up I thank God she didn’t get lost. Traffic was smooth and her drive was pleasant. – Was early for my heart scan at 8.30am The doctor got my vein at the very first try and I was able to keep the plug for my chemotherapy later on. – Got a queue number for my chemotherapy scheduled at 10am – Saw the RT doctor for my first review after the completion of my RT Everything was well. He was happy with how I had been progressing. – Aunty S offered to pick up my mammogram films for me She didn’t want me to be too tired and so she drove off to pick up the films from the private clinic. That was so sweet of her. – Chemotherapy The nurse noticed no one was with me and chatted with me. The half hour session flew by very quickly. – Aunty S came back with the films and picked me up for lunch – Aunty S treated me to lunch – Aunty S sent me home – Home Sweet Home

Just as God sent David thirty-seven mighty men (2 Samuel 23:39) to help him, God also sent me my super hero, Aunty S, on 4 July. Thank you so much Aunty S!!


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