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Wonderful Sydney Trip

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Our family took an 11-day trip to Syndey. It was a wonderful time of family bonding. For me, I saw how the children rose to the occasion and took on responsibilities for this holiday.

funny foto adjusted

on the trainlooking coolno 9

I give thanks for many things…

J n R


kangaroo earsLA n scarf
-we were able to get fairly reasonable tickets for the trip
-the children helped to pack the luggage on the checklist – and reminded us of missing items


wall pixlunchLA talking on 'phone'
-the children were motivated to research about Sydney and what we could do there
-it was a first overnight plane trip for us and the children generally adapted well

boatchn on boatwhalesin the air
-God kept us and our belongings safe during the trip – a couple of times, daddy found what he had lost – it was really amazing how God led him to search for them
-God provided apartments with kitchen/laundry when we needed them and just a room when we didn’t need to cook

fish mktshucking oystervegemall
-the beds were excellent – firm and good, though not the pillows, and we rested really well
-God directed us to convenient supermarkets where we can get our food supplies


sculpture2sculpture 3sculpture 4
-daddy did most of the meal preparation – and the food was delicious!
-the children, even Li-Ann, helped with the setting of the table and the dishes; Rebecca was motivated to do the plate presentation!R's plate arrangementferris wheelbridgeopera house
-we managed to get good maps that showed us how to get around and where to go
-while we generally planned a day or two ahead, God helped us get all that we wanted to do/see done


3 sisterswaterfall
-the weather was windy and cool and perfect for outdoor sight-seeing
-the photos were beautiful; even LA was eager to take some shots

scenic5scenic4scenic 1scenic 2

-the children all chipped in to help in whatever way possible when required to do so
-we caught up with a pastor who was previously from our church

bean cafeat scenicfarm2dad the magic scarf man
-we saw the greatness of God with all that He made, especially when we drove out of the city
-the horse riding and quad biking experience at the farm stay was wonderful for us all


Quad bikingHorse ridingLA riding horse
-we saw beautiful skies, clouds of various formations, majestic mountains, tall waterfalls, green meadows, amazing landscapes, pretty flowers, interesting animals (and fed some), whales frolicking, unique Sculptures by the Sea, the must-see sights in the city etc

chn n buffyLA n buffyfarm3farm4
-God brought by others whom we could share with

rebecca on cowR feeding wallabyfeed kangaroo
I was most encouraged by the two sermons we heard on the two Sabbaths. They were at different churches but the messages were similar. In fact, John was the one who noticed this. Surely God had plans for us to hear them. Both were about failures of God’s people. One was a reference to Isaiah 5 while another is on Jesus reinstating Peter in John 21.


It is comforting to know that while we sin and fail, God is a God of grace who gives second and third chances…And He is the one who personally extends that grace to us, if we would go to Him to seek His face and repent. It is certainly a good reminder for me as we begin the new year.

Starry Nite

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