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Mom Needs My Help

I believe in roping in the children to help in our daily living. One of it is meal preparation. They all begin with cutting the vegetables.

Li-Ann was eager to chip in when she saw what her older siblings were doing. Previously, she would chip in with a butter or paring knife. Recently, I ‘graduated’ her to a bigger and lighter ceramic knife. It is easier to cut as the knife is sharper. Of course, I am within reach of her and I watch her every move like a hawk. I will remind her to look out for her fingers and to keep her knife blade straight. While she may not cut as fast or she can’t last as long, she learns quickly, she is very diligent and would try her best. I usually give her short breaks now and then. Li-Ann will need more practice. But it is her willingness that will move her forward. YEA!!

Smiling with mushroom
Smiling with mushroom
I am cutting mushrooms.
I am cutting mushrooms.
scooping mushroom
I am going to put the mushrooms into the bowl.
one piece brinjal
I am cutting brinjal.
I am cutting more brinjal.
put brinjal
I am putting the brinjal into the container.

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