My Family


Although I had attended the ICC Tournaments before in previous years, I had mainly gone as an observer and a supportive husband and father. However, this year was different.

As this year was the first year that the tournament would be organised entirely by the East Asia Chapters of the ICC, this necessitated the involvement of all the East Asia Chapter members and their extended families to assist in the organisation and running of the tournament. Accordingly, I was “volunteered” by my wife to assist in the TAB room functions.

As part of the preparation, a video recording and video-conference session was set up prior to the tournament. Conducted by Ms Yvonne Hagood, the sessions were good as it provided newbies such as myself a better understanding of the various administrative functions and tool kits to be used. I was impressed with the professionalism and the efforts put in to ensure that the necessary tools would be made available for anyone around the world to easily use and run a successful tournament. In spite of the time difference between America and Singapore, the assurance by Yvonne of her “live” support during the actual day of the tournament in Singapore was welcoming and a great source of comfort.

On the tournament day, although the day started relatively slower with administrative preparation such as creation of folders and files, the pace quickly picked up with the growing influx of ballots returned to the TAB room. Returned ballots were collated and results entered into the computer and checked. Copies were made and filed in the respective folders for feedback to the participants. Pressure was on the TAB team towards the end of the day as we quickened the pace to ensure that the results would be available and certificates printed in time for the award presentation. With God’s grace, we just managed to complete the tasks in time for the awards presentation.

While we may have been “stuck” in the TAB room during the day and not have been able to attend and enjoy the various presentations, we were glad to have played a part in the successful running of the tournament.

By Teoh Chee Meng

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