Motivating Li-Ann, My Family

A Mouse Called Wolf


Rebecca borrowed this interesting book for her literary interpretation. It tells of a very heartwarming relationship between a lady and the singing mouse who lived in her house. After Rebecca read through the book, she picked out a part of the story that she would like to tell. As Rebecca began memorizing her part, Li-Ann became one of her audience.

One day, I was rather surprised to see Li-Ann peering at the book for quite a long time and whispering to herself. Then it struck me that she was trying to read the story! WOW! It was her FIRST chapter book! After observing her for some days, I decided to read the book with her, a couple of chapters a day. We would take turns to read. The words were really big so it was a pretty fast read. Li-Ann enjoyed reading the book together 🙂

It was wonderful to see Li-Ann attempting to read a book with a longer story. And there were not many pictures in the book. I pray that her reading stamina will improve and she will enjoy many more chapter books.

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