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Birthday Bustle

20180108_235943.jpgLi-Ann wanted to cook on her birthday. So we came up with a shopping list to buy the ingredients one day before her birthday. 

She got her inspiration from this picture recipe book. Thank you uncle TK for bringing back this book for her!!


She woke up earlier to prepare Paper Bag Breakfast. This is her 4th attempt (Daddy had to miss his coz he woke up earlier than LA’s ‘earlier’ but he ate his share from her previous 3 attempts). I must say by now, she knew exactly what to do, with minimal help from me. She cracked all the eggs herself! And all the yolks were whole after she cracked them! She even wore my longer oven gloves and put the tray into the oven! Good job LA!! She told us as we ate,”Next time when I don’t have anything to eat, I can make this for breakfast.” WOW!! It’s comforting to know that she’s thinking ahead!



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I wanted to take a break and was wishing that breakfast could be brunch but….LA asked,”What’s for lunch? Do you have sausages? I like the pork one.” I told her to look in the fridge and she instantly took out a pack of pork bratwurst, Rebecca boiled them and LA ate them her way – sausages with buttered bread!

In Between

We took it easy, read some stories and did a devotion together. The colouring devotion is a blessing – she was very enthusiastic and meticulous about the colouring (I think she took about half hour). She told me she tried to lighten the blue by using some white on it – what a great idea to vary the shades of blue! While the results were not obvious in the case of colour pencils, I certainly saw the fruit of her art teachers’ labour! She then asked me if she can stick it on her wall!! She must really loved what she did. Well, I DO!!


Dinner menu was Chicken Nuggets with guacamole dip with wedges and salad on the side. Li-Ann was very motivated, did her best and had fun in the preparation. She definitely has the stamina to prepare a meal for 2 persons (I did the rest for the 3 persons). Dinner was a little later than usual coz we took more time. But we are thankful that Jie Jie Rebecca helped to watch the wedges and the nuggets, Kor Kor John set the table and helped clean up and daddy did the dishes .

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