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My PREP Experience (June 2018)

At first, I thought PREP would be all fun-filled, sunshine and rainbows and that we would never have a dull moment. But after PREP was over I realised that PREP was not all about having fun. Yes, we did have fun, but PREP taught me about responsibility, how to work with others who were different from me, and what life is really all about.

There’s nothing better than just coloring when you want some me-time.

On the first day when we arrived, everyone was kinda awkward (or was it just me?) . But after a while of chatting, we were given instructions to write inventories and organize a couple of boxes that had been stored away. Sorting stuff and writing inventories, as well as cleaning out stuff from below the stairs took the whole afternoon. By the end of that, everyone was sweaty, dusty and tired. That evening, Franklin briefed us on what was to come and talked about the house rules.

The thing that I really enjoyed from the first day, was coming up with a sound-off! The purpose of the sound off is to know if someone is missing from the group. We decided on the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth and each person took one or two words from the first two lines.

Day 2 was very fun! We started with devotion and worship, and after that we were off to do our different jobs! We were tasked to clean the  “backyard” of the house. Some of us raked leaves, while others swept the patio; some pulled weeds, while others worked on getting media footages. I didn’t actually hate doing it. It was really satisfying to see the whole place become clean and free of dirt on the floor. After an hour or two of cleaning, we went back into the house to have a jamming session. I really enjoyed the jamming session and it was one the of the best things that happened at PREP. Everybody’s voices joined together and it was a “magical” moment for me. To end the day, we watched Big Hero 6 that night!

*chop* *chop*

*dragging sounds* *rustling of leaves*

*typing on the keyboard sounds*

*water splashing sounds*

That pretty much summed up what happened on days 3 and 4. We completed the weeding and sweeping, and I worked on the script for our upcoming Presentation. All of us also went swimming in the afternoon. It was a blast! On day 4, we played 4-on-a-couch for some fun team bonding time. ( The girls won! XD)

I regret being so awkward to the point that I would just stay in the room and chill by myself, or sometimes with another friend. Upon reflection, I think  I should have hung out and talked to other people earlier so that I could have gotten to know them sooner.

The day we presented the PREPsentation was a blast! We rehearsed the presentation before going, and got  to the church in time. We ran little stations with various activities to teach others about ICC’s core values.20180609_200134

I ran activities at a station that taught cultural communication, and it was fun teaching different people how to play the game. I am very certain that all of them had fun, and my friend and I were able to run the game and debrief smoothly.

Out of the ten days, we spent two mornings volunteering. I especially enjoyed volunteering in the Soup Kitchen at “Willing Hearts” and helping to give out porridge, dumplings and chicken essence to the residents in one room rental blocks at Toa Payoh together with “Keeping Hope Alive”. DSC_0141 editedIMG-20180610-WA0003

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning at 4:45 am and made our way to “Willing Hearts”. When we first arrived, everyone was scattered and stationed at different parts of the  complex. Some helped to dish the food into the plastic containers, some carried and packed food into bags, while a few others went on delivery.

I helped a woman pack the different combinations of lunches and dinners. I chatted with her and found out that she had been serving there EVERY day for 10 years! She is an extremely resilient, persevering and faithful woman!

When we served together with “Keeping Hope Alive”, my group from our PREP shift and another group of students helped clean this old man’s house. I was extremely thank for this opportunity to learn about how people in one-room rental flats, live, and honestly, it wasn’t that dirty! All he needed was some scrubbing, a little more organizing, and everything was pretty much in place after that!

Occasionally in between chilling, playing games, and doing our assignments, there were times of in depth conversations, where we earnt more about each other. I wouldforever cherish those times. I learnt about how everyone hide their struggles, and not everyone is always as they seem. I loved PREP and I would love to go for it again. IMG-20180607-WA0010

To all of y’all who attended EA PREP, thank you so much for making it such a memorable time for me! I will cherish these memories!IMG_3608

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