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Create with Mum


Yea!! I won the opportunity to go to ‘Create with Mum’ with Li-Ann!! Thanks to Real Mums SG for sponsoring us! I shared on their FB why I would like to bring my daughter to this event organised by Focus on the Family and my entry was picked!

Li-Ann almost could not make it coz she was unwell but she got much better and WE MADE IT!! When we were leaving, she was all ready – super excited to go on a date with me and was beaming from ear to ear! On the other hand, I was rushing out, trying to get us there on time and very flustered. I find it hard to settle myself but I had to DECIDE to not let my emotions get the better of me and to enjoy my time with Li-Ann, beginning with our bus ride.

I (LA) took this wefie!
At the end of the event, we had this conversation. I was amazed at her understanding!
Mom: What do you want to celebrate, Li-Ann?
Li-Ann: I can go on a date with mommy. What about you?
Mom: That I can focus on spending time with you.
Li-Ann: (in a matter-of-fact manner) Ya! That’s why it’s Focus on the Family!
Mom: Yes! You are right, Li-Ann!


I interviewed Li-Ann and this is what she said:

I feel happy that I am better that I can go to ‘Create with Mum’ with mommy. We did coasters, we had one to one conversations and we wrote letters to each other. I had fun today, just spending time with mommy. Everything went well today. The program was meaningful. My favourite part of the program was letter writing.  I feel excited because I will remember this event next year. I hope we can go for more dates together again!

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