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Adventure on Two Wheels



We enjoy cycling as a family. We finally went for our L-O-N-G awaited family cycling outing when the year started. What took us so long? We, were waiting for Li-Ann.

Li-Ann started cycling spontaneously about 7 years ago. I was so excited! When the training wheels could no longer fit her taller bike, we needed to teach her how to ride on 2 wheels. It took Li-Ann about 2 years to cycle confidently on 2 wheels. The coach who taught her weekly was very patient and encouraging and John would chip in whenever coach wasn’t around. We made a point to praise her for her efforts but we were also frustrated by her resistance at times It wasn’t easy to motivate LA. She preferred the familiar multi-storey carpark with smoother surface and finite space to the lovely park with bumpy paths and colourful playgrounds. But we did find out that she is willing to cycle to the ‘prata place’ for breakfast. Finally, when dad felt that LA was more confident to take care of herself and the bike with minimal help from us, we went on our very first family bike outing at the end of last year and our destination – our favourite ‘prata place’.

It was a very pleasant ride and the weather was perfect. We took 30 minutes to reach our breakfast place – stopping only to check the traffic at a couple of road junctions. It was an achievement!!! LA rode with a great attitude. She cycled on narrower pavements, avoiding people with good judgement, and when she wasn’t confident, she would ride it like a balance bike or come down and push her bike. She certainly deserved her pratas and cold milo!


We took our time to eat, savouring every bite, enjoying our time as a family. Then it was time to get home. The ride home took about 2 hours coz it started to pour elephants! We took shelter under MRT tracks and sang while we waited for the rain to lighten up. We had to face the wind and rain in our faces and ride as carefully as possible coz the ground was wet. We were so thankful as we pedaled through sheltered car parks and under blocks of flats. I was amazed at how LA managed – everything was not according to plan and totally out of her comfort zone. We had to make quick and hard decisions and she followed on without much fuss. I have never seen such resilience and perseverance! WOW!!

As we began this new year with new challenges, I found the Lord showing me a picture of how my family can move forward as ONE.  Whether the days are beautiful or stormy, we CAN focus on a common goal, hang on tight as a family and ride the bumps together. I know that as we continue to seek His plans for us, He will lead us into more adventures, on two (or more) wheels.


4 thoughts on “Adventure on Two Wheels”

  1. Dear Apple, Im glad I found this page and am so happy to see your family moving forward as ONE in the Lord (singing under shelters too. I remember you sing well in Parts). Such an encouragement and inspiration.
    Hello there Li-Ann! it’s been some time since I heard your cheery friendly “Hello, how are you?” at PCC back then. You are cooking like a pro! and John, nice army hair 🙂 Nice to see Rebecca too!

    Julian and I are at FERC currently, him trying it out and us figuring if we will settle here :):)

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