My Family, Rebecca’s Gems

Wonderland Musical

9 months+ of full hard work and perseverance paid off when I stood onstage.

IMG_1667.CR2.jpgJust the few weeks before, I had fallen sick. The sickest I had been in a long time. I desperately did everything I could to get my voice back to normal so I could sing.
The day before the performance, my voice was still not good. As one of the main characters, I had a lot of lines and needed to sing. The songs weren’t particularly easy either.

However, on the day of the performance, I was feeling much more confident. We had made some changes so I didn’t have to sing whatever I couldn’t sing. And it worked out really well!!

Nine long months of preparation and learning was paid off, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.


I learnt about working with people, made huge mistakes, but large achievements together with my team. We went from strangers, to great friends as we were put under stress and were forced to work together. Group dynamics didn’t always work out. As I was one of the directors, I had to make sure we stayed on plan and that our project would run smoothly.

As someone who works spontaneously in short bursts of energy, this taught me self-discipline, and I can say I have become much better at planning. This entire project has helped me to grow in my skills in leadership and teamwork, and I am grateful for my team who stuck with me for the entire project :))

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