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Project Dream Weavers @ACM (Jun ’19)

I enjoyed myself​ on the first day​. I like everything.​ ​I met my friend, Emily. I am happy to see her.
I see a lot of different dresses. Some of the designs are gold in color. There are different types of dresses. Some of the dresses have jewels on them. They are bright and sparkly.

I made my own t shirt. I stuck on different sequins and buttons on my shirt.​ ​I met my trainers – Jia Wen and Belinda. They are friendly to me. Jia Wen helped me to hold my water bottle. She helped cut the cloth so that I can use it to stick on to my T shirt. We sat together with the group during lunch time. After lunch, I created my T shirt for my sister Rebecca.
On the second day, we met Guo Pei​ Lao Shi​ and listened ​to ​her talk about what she had been doing in fashion. Mom and I talked about what I want to say to ​Guo Pei​ Lao Shi​. Then Mom wrote them in English and Chinese on a piece of paper. Aunty Cherry told me to write my Chinese name on the paper and give it to Guo Pei​ Lao Shi​. I took a picture with Guo Pei Lao ​S​hi.
​We did  few things on the third and fourth days.​ We got to go around the museum to see the different dresses that Teacher Guo Pei designed. I like the gold color on the Snow Queen’s Dress.
I made a head band and a ring for Hannah. I use white color pipe cleaners. ​
Then i made a tote bag for Jia Wen. I put different sequins on the bag.​ ​I made quite a few bags – one for Aunty Cherry, one for the lecturer and one to go ​with the outfit I made for my jie jie Rebecca.
I had fun making new friends and l learned to make clothes from scratch.​ ​I appreciate Jia Wen and Belinda for their help, patience and kindness. I appreciate Aunty Cherry for encouraging me and comforting me. In July, at the Runway, I received the Certificate of Participation from Aunty Ching Yee.



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