Pray and Give Thanks

We are not Alone

You know, I’m most grateful for my church and my friends who have been praying for us – first, for Li-Ann when she was born and then for her surgeries and then subsequently for my cancer treatment and health. God has been so so so good ( I can’t further stress this) – providing for all our needs and we are NEVER in need of anything. Even for a recent evangelistic dinner which I brought my parents to, God provided the EXACT amount for the dinner offering through my mom. Only the organisers, my hubby and I knew the amount; my mom and dad were unaware. Praise The Lord!!!

Oftentimes when I’m down or struggling, I’m lifted up when I go to God’s Word and when I asked my friends to pray. I appreciate words of encouragement from emails, phone calls and sms. I wish you would know the power of our Almighty God. If you feel there’s nothing else I can do for you, then at least let me pray for you. If you are open and would want my other brothers and sisters to pray for you, feel free to share your prayer requests here. I’m sure we are privileged to be called to pray. However, if you are not comfortable posting it here, you could send me an email privately. I will also give thanks for the Lord’s goodness in our lives. As I share, I urge you to rejoice with me and share yours as well. Let’s rejoice in our children/family together!! 🙂

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