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My Pororo

Now that Li-Ann can use the fork and spoon together when she eats on a plate, I decided to teach her how to use the chopsticks. I used to have a pair of training chopsticks I bought for John from Guardian but it’s not working too well so I gave it away and so had hunt for a new one.

I must say that there are so MANY out there now and they are EXPENSIVE!! I found out it’s probably because of copyright issues as characters like ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ etc are used. After a LONG search, I found a reasonably priced one at one of the shops in International Plaza – a place we never go but I decided to shop there for a change. I bought 2 pairs at $18.90. One is for stage 1 and the other for stage 2. So both the girls are using it now. Rebecca can have more practice to refine her skills a little while LA enjoys her Pororo chopsticks – quite a tongue twister but LA can say it!! She talks to Pororo and helps it pick up the food. So funny…Thankfully, there’s no copyright so this set is not expensive. I also found out that Carrefour at Suntec sells them. The prices are good. If you are thinking of getting only one pair, it is sold at $10.90. Do check if it’s for left or right-handers. Some cartoon characters may not have a model for left-handers.

A friend shared that this online website sells the chopsticks at only $8!! Do check it out Milagro Trading Store

Eating with my Pororo
Our 'equipment'
Hey! Don't eat my Pororo!!

4 thoughts on “My Pororo”

      1. All three are wearing specs now? Btw, the chopsticks are cute…and what is Stage 1 & 2?

      2. Yep…it’s in the genes! Hopefully the glasses can correct LA’s astigmatism.

        The difference between Stage 1 & 2 is that Stage 1 has a hole for the thumb while in Stage 2, the thumb just lies across the chopsticks.

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