My Family, Self-Help Skills

I Want to Fold the Socks

As we were folding clothes one day, Li-Ann told me, when she saw me about to fold her socks,”Mama, I want to fold the socks.” I wasn’t taking her seriously coz it’s not easy for even the older ones to master this well (note emphasis). I left the pair of socks for her, reminding myself to give her a chance to try her hand at it.

I took another pair of her socks, showed her what to do step-by-step and gave her verbal instructions at the same time. She imitated pretty well and managed to turn one part of the sock up to encase the other part. Just to make sure she knew exactly what I taught her, I got her to try on another pair of her socks. And she tried her best, with a little help.

Fantastic!!! That’s another piece of clothing she can fold! Another achievement! Another encouragement for mommy Apple!

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