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RDA Flag Day I – A Family Project

I have wondered for a long time whether I should get all of us involved in a Flag Day. I wanted the children to experience the hard work required in raising funds. So after discussing with CM, I signed up for RDA’s Flag Day on 28 January 2012. Li-Ann has been blessed by opportunities to ride at the Riding For Disabled Association (RDA) and has benefited a great deal from this form of therapy. I thought this would be a wonderful way to give back to RDA.

After the whole event, I found out that I was the only one who had previous experiences with such an activity during my school days! So it was a family project afterall.

While some might shun anyone carrying a tin like a plague, I realised that Singaporeans can be generous when they know where their money is going to. That meant non-stop talking and relentless persuading.

Here are our thoughts (I interviewed them)…

CM: The children can do it. They can participate in a flag day. They just need to build up their confidence. I see their confidence grow during the day. They got better and better and more confident so I’m very proud of them. (How about daddy? What did you learn?) I learn that it’s not so easy to sell flags. There are some kind people who’ll donate and I thank God for them. (John asked – When you were young, did you sell flags?) No.

Apple: The Flag Day was fun for everybody because it was a family thing that we can do together. I think the children really tried their best and they know how it is like to raise funds for a non-profit organisation. It requires a lot of perseverance and also coming up with resourceful ways to persuade people to give.

Li-Ann: I think that…ermmm…flag day…eermmm….want to help special needs children. (What did you do?) I go and…eermm…go and…I don’t know…(What did you ask the people to do?) To put the sticker…(To donate some money right?) Ya…

Rebecca: I think flag day is very tiring but it is also a good experience. (What did you learn?) I learn that you have to be patient, have eye contact and be friendly.

Rebecca drew a pretty picture about the flag day.

John: I learn that even though flag day is tiring, I must persevere even if people say ‘no’.

John came up with an interesting comic strip for flag day.

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